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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
I have a watch that is shiny and talk shit to ppl with a cheaper watch. Does that make me a watch enthusiast or even close to it? I dont think myself superior to anyone else. Never said that nor will i ever feel, say or think that.

My message wasnt directed towards you yet you are getting head over heels about it. Stop whining and put your man pants back on. If you like your shiny car and consider yourself an enthusiast because of it more power to you.

But there are those with much lesser cars than all of us here that are just as much if not more of an enthusiast than you or myself. The price of your car has nothing to do with it. I love cars but i LOVE driving them. So maybe im confused here.
And Im speaking in general, the strange thought on these forums of 328 = not enthusiast, 335 = enthusiast. That is just laughable.

Oh and maybe, take it out once? Its really fun and youll want to go out every single time.