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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
The Mercedes E Coupe is technically an E Class coupe. There is also a smaller C Coupe based on the C Class. Above the E Coupe, there is the bigger CLS which I suppose is technically the coupe version of the S Class. As far as match ups, it would be something like this:

BMW 3 series --> Mercedes C Class sedan.
BMW 4 series --> Mercedes C Class coupe
BMW 5 series --> Mercedes E Class sedan.
BMW 6 series --> Mercedes E Class coupe and possibly CLS
BMW 7 series --> Mercedes S Class
For the 3, 5, and 7 series sedans, yes this lines up, but the coupes don't line up as directly as your comparison states. The C207 E-Class coupe is built on a C-class chassis with a E-Class stylized body and interior. Nothing has changed in this regard from the W208 and W209 CLK Class before it. Same principle.

You can't really compare the E-Class coupe directly to the 6-series. For one thing, the base price of a 6-series is about 20K more than an E-Class coupe, and the 6 is nearly 8 inches longer (heh). IMO, the 3-coupe (E92) and now the 4 series will compete with both the C-class coupe and E-Coupe, depending on options, trim, and engine. 6 will compete with the CLS and possibly the CL on a very limited basis.