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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
Let's cross that Rubicon when we get to it. I have a good feeling the F30 will do well, even the big engine 330d with its superbly low CO2 levels and brilliant fuel economy. I think the F30 Diesels have killed the market for Audi and Merc and rightly so. Even the 5 Series has suffered quite badly. BMW have got this car so right that even a hatchback lover like me has switched.

I also own a Merc C Class 350CDI Sport Saloon. The F30 is so far ahead in every respect that I think it will be pretty tough for Merc to catch up. As far is the A4 is concerned, it does not even have a look-in. Sorry.

Take comfort, you are getting a truly brilliant car soon and will be getting rid of an also-ran: ASAP I hope.
I would never compare my A4 to the F30, years and light years apart. I think the E90 is a different matter though. I definitely think BMW engines are so efficient and clean that they will stay current for a long time with the others playing catch up. I guess it will be interesting to see how diesel residuals compare to petrol given the amazing bigger petrol engines. I am also hoping xdrive becomes desirable.

What ever happens F30AM, hope you get a better price for yours than you do for your wife's! I am sure the alloys will be in better condition at the very least