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1. On the Dynamic Handling Pkg, what is this? What all does it do. I'm already getting the M Sport Line, and handling is a must for me. I don't mind dropping another 1k...I push my cars hard and want everything I can get out of them.
In the US it is Adaptive Suspension and Variable Sport Steering. I can just barely notice the adaptive suspension and how it gets firmer in sport mode and softer in comfort. It's a pretty subtle difference really. The real star of this package is the Variable Sport Steering which really makes the steering feel dramatically better than the standard steering in Sport Mode. Makes the package worth it. If you're getting an Automatic make sure to also add on the Sport Auto.

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2. I'm also getting the Harman Kardon upgrade. I love a good stereo, for those that have it would you agree it is truly a great upgrade? I've only heard the stock on the 335 I test drove - which sounded fantastic!
I found the HK to be a big improvement. But then I didn't find the stock system to be anywhere close to fantastic sounding so if you think the stock system sounds good then you might be fine with that.

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3. The Navi upgrade, I'm going back and forth on this. Also back and fourht on the Tech pkg cause the HUD is a nice feature. Why they hell would they not just make the HUD a separate option...? I'd get it if it was. I want the Navi it but at $2150, that's just ridiculous. From what I've read above seems like a nice thing to have but most really don't even use it. I'm in Italy so I use GPS when I travel and would prefer to not have my Tom Tom mounted on my new 335 but again...the $2150 would be cash flow on some M Performance upgrades.
The screen that comes with the Nav really makes the car look a lot better. I was not a fan of the screen that comes with the car, was kinda cheap looking IMO. The Navi is very nice to have built into the car and combined with the HUD it's a nice option, overpriced probably, but right at what Navigation systems have cost in cars for eternity basically.
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