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Originally Posted by EB_F30 View Post
Hello everyone, new guy here, about to place my order next week. Looking for a little advice.

1. On the Dynamic Handling Pkg, what is this? What all does it do. I'm already getting the M Sport Line, and handling is a must for me. I don't mind dropping another 1k...I push my cars hard and want everything I can get out of them.

2. I'm also getting the Harman Kardon upgrade. I love a good stereo, for those that have it would you agree it is truly a great upgrade? I've only heard the stock on the 335 I test drove - which sounded fantastic!

3. The Navi upgrade, I'm going back and forth on this. Also back and fourht on the Tech pkg cause the HUD is a nice feature. Why they hell would they not just make the HUD a separate option...? I'd get it if it was. I want the Navi it but at $2150, that's just ridiculous. From what I've read above seems like a nice thing to have but most really don't even use it. I'm in Italy so I use GPS when I travel and would prefer to not have my Tom Tom mounted on my new 335 but again...the $2150 would be cash flow on some M Performance upgrades.

Thanks and can't wait to get my 335.
I have numbers 2 and 3 and they are really good, the sound system is really good very loude, any louder than HK and i think you would need hearing aid in a year, the tech package is cool, it really sets the car a part, it makes it look fancy, the non nav screen looks like it came from honda plus the bottom of your gauges for fuel will be analog without the tech package, i do agree with you that the hud is a really cool feature and i like it a lot. The car would look better without the non-nav screen than with it