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Originally Posted by MaestroAl
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But you gotta take the bmw out. No wear and tear and for tires get a track set and maybe a break pad set. All you need.

Its good to know what the capabilities or ones own car is. For shits and giggles and just in case shit happens.

If you dont want to dirty the car cover the while front in painters tape lol.

Mines a lease so drive the shit out of it and then get into a new car. Repeat cycle. Lol.
Mine's also a lease and they would cut off my gonads if I took it round Donington Honestly. Sooooo against the lease agreement the best way to learn how you car handles at the limit is simply to take is on a skidpad or round some roundabouts on a wet day How it handles on the limit on a 100mph left-hander is irrelevant to a road car whereas how it handles coming out of a tight hairpin in 2nd gear is what it's all about and you can find that out on the road easily and safely enough Don't get me wrong, I love driving on a track but I'd rather borrow someone else's Ferrari and do it than risk my own car which is my lifeline to income. I have a 110 mile commute to my most-visited client and even today I visited one of the closer ones and that's a 70 mile round trip.
They dont track where your car goes. Track courses arent all 100mph left handers. Haha do you watch nascar?

Plenty of hairpins and chicanes and all the other goodies especially autocrossing. Thats turn after turn after turn. Nothing like a right turn or a left on the streets. Every road here ive driven for years as everyine else in their hometown. Plenty of times ive had to swerve to the other side of traffic because some idiot comes in my lane without looking really fast. I wonder what theyre thinking when im passing them to their left when theyre in the first lane. Im guessing those idiots are thinking wth is that guy doing? Freaking tards. Lol

Get track insurance.
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