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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
I thought it was fairly well established that VSS does nothing to the steering that servotronic doesn't do in terms of "feel" and weight. And since servotronic is standard on nearly every model then VSS becomes irrelevant and a bit of a gay option for men to choose since it's just to help women park is all - nothing to do with driving at normal speeds. I wonder how many men would have chosen it if they'd known it was just a faster steering rack over 100* of lock to help parking?
There is no other option for an F30, you get the "servotronic" steering. VSS actually makes the steering tighter than the standard setup. It's likely just software. So the VSS is an option you want if you like the steering feel of the E9x as it gives the same tightness in Sport mode and feels considerably better than the standard setup.

I won't even comment on your other ramblings.
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