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"... the suspension and steering still make us smile"


"If the definition of good steering is that which allows the driver to place the car exactly where desired, the 335i’s still got it. Its clarity is undimmed by the switch to electric assist and a new, optional variable-ratio steering gear..."

Car and Driver

"...the car feels solid and stable and the steering is as one expects from BMW--accurate and stable."


"...with spot-on steering that provides good road feel without being nervous..."


"A turn of the steering wheel returns a weighty feel, quick response and satisfying feedback"


"Select Sport mode and you get firmer but far from aggressive vertical body control and the kind of steering weight you’ll need a bit more forearm leverage to get on terms with. But the feedback flowing from tyre sidewall to steering rim is excellent."


"The new electric steering rack steers quickly enough, and gives pleasant amounts of feedback."


"Steering, brakes, ride quality, grip, handling… Every other aspect of the new 3-series constitutes a proper improvement over the saloon’s predecessor, already a highly involving and entertaining drive."

Car Magazine

"The steering feel isn’t greatly diminished by the electric assistance, with plenty of communication and good weighting."

The Motor Report

Obviously this could go on and on, but I think it's abundantly clear that there is no consensus on the new steering being isolated or not providing adequate feedback, as was posted earlier.

I am not a professional driver, but I am most recently coming from an E46 on which I clocked over 160,000 km's. This ain't my first rodeo with BMW steering. I very clearly feel the feedback. I can't speak for the universe in general, but obviously many other reviewers also could.