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Originally Posted by F30ftw View Post
post more pics! phillip is great, he just shipped my bumper!! cant wait, mind telling me how you got it on and what you used?
Will post more pics later this week or early next week.
1st- look at DIY thread in removing the front bumper
2nd- you will need to find some sort of mesh that you can bend to mold around the back of the bumper where the openings are. The ducts provided are made for the 1m and will not work properly, so u will keep your existing ducting. I went to a hardware store found black aluminum mesh and used this 3m tape used for windshields with some appoxy and molded it around the back of the bumper for now ( its pretty strong) hopefully ltbmw can provide a mesh that clips right on.
3rd-( most confusing when u get there u can pm me) U will need to cut the plastic piece located behind the old bumper ( I will try to take a pic of the piece that we cut and will edit this) and screw it to the New bumper. The new bumper will then screw to the pork chops properly.
4th- underneath align the clips and drill the necessary holes and screw away. Make sure everything is tucked under the bumper the way they should be.
U may want to leave the fog lights inside the bumper and zip tie it somewhere secure so u don't get a fog light warning sign.
There may be some things I missed as there was 3 of us doing the install. If you have any specific questions pm me. In addition to the tools required to remove the bumper have a dremel tool, drill, 3m tape, appoxy, zip ties for fog lights, and an extra set of hands.

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