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Like I said: there is a lot of misinformation on this forum and you just added to it Repeating something that is incorrect does not make it any less wrong.

Variable Sport Steering DOES NOT MAKE THE STEERING STIFFER and is identical to the Servotronic steering in normal driving conditions. The VSS is not speed dependant and makes no difference to comfort or sport modes: that is a Servotronic steering function. Variable Sport Steering is used for parking and tight manoeuvring. Thatisall. It is simply a faster rack over one hundred degrees of steering lock. That is the only way it is different from Servotronic.

Servotronic Steering (S0216)
Servotronic adapts the power steering support to the current speed and provides superior comfort by reducing the required steering force.
That is your changing steering weight dependant on speed and mode.

Variable sport steering (S02VL)
Variable Sport Steering, including Servotronic and Sport+ mode, reduces the steering wheel movement required to achieve a particular tight steering angle. This enhances comfort when parking and manoeuvring, as well as sporting agility in tight corners.
That "particular tight steering angle" happens to be anything over 100 degrees.

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