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Originally Posted by Rozza View Post
The question is should I delay ordering to see if the deal is extended to all comers or do you think that this is unlikely? I was already thinking about delaying to make sure I get the new pro nav so it seems like I am going to have to wait a bit longer still.
It's just a hunch, but I think they'll have to offer something like this sooner or later given what the competition is offering:
- Audi have driveaway price LESS an amount equal to GST on their 'A' models ( =8-9% saving depending on stamp duty & LCT payable).
- Lexus have 2.9% finance across their range

But don't delay based on a hunch. Try to use the info (eg. tell them a friend has been offered the deal) as well as the Audi/Lexus deals as leverage to see if they'll extend the 3% offer to you.