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Originally Posted by jwilly View Post
Ok. No feedback is a bit drastic. But it is the only complaint that I have about my car and the lack of feedback is far different than any other BMW that I've owned, driven, or raced.
I have no experience with a Camry or a Lincoln.

If you ever get to upstate NY, look me up. My father still an 85 Lincoln.Talk about not being able to feel the road . You literally feel like you're riding in a boat. The front just lightly bobs up and down all the time(even with new shocks). When you make a turn at any speed , you need to initiate the turn 20ft before. You almost feel the front wheels "fold" as you go around a corner. 80's American engineering at its finest. So If you here me defend newer American cars and how they've come a LONG way, it because I spent so much damn time in big boats like that.
Yes the F30 has a different feel , but I think all the writing about it makes people think they're gonna end up with something horrible and thats just not true.Yes, It feels different from an E46 or e90 but it isn't close to horrible. Just my opinion