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Originally Posted by ilhan1103 View Post
i wouldn't call it an upgrade really

if it was already out i still wouldn't get it over a 3 as i can see it having an MSRP $6-7k higher with less room for haggling (just like how it is with an A4 / A5, though there the gap is more like $4500... so it'd effectively be a difference of say $7-8k). i'm a single guy and probably the type of person this is marketed at, but maybe i'm just practical. made the same decision when i bought my current car (could have bought equivalent A5 for $5000 more or so)

i've owned one coupe ever and after the first couple months you get over the hey its a coupe and looks nice effect (not to mention the 3 looks nice too) and then start realizing your trunk is small, you cant get items into the car and its a hassle when you have more than 1 person with you. i think the only reason i'd go for a coupe if making it have 2 doors made it actaully lighter / drove better say if they made a fully hardtop z4 with only 2 seats.