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Originally Posted by bunker
Originally Posted by nenadbogar View Post
haha yeah that guys is huge. i was thinking did they make this car smaller
hang on - are we POSITIVE this is the 4er? Could the guy be normal size but this be the 2er instead? I mean, look at how short the rear overhang is compared to the E92. It actually looks about the right size for the 2er. I was expecting the 4er coupe to be larger than the E92 if it follows what the 6er did.

It's the 4.
And I'm in love, not gonna lie. The overall shape is way better than I anticipated, and I don't mind the vent and badge. Don't know if I'd keep the badge on, but it doesn't really bother me too much. The slight fastback shape is a nice change to me and now I can't wait to see the final product fully. I still love the E92 shape and I always will, but this will be a good successor to it.