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I don't think the "4" series is going to sell well in the Asian/Chinese market. The # 4 represents death in Chinese. "come ride in my new death car" lol
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Looks nice Don't think they will sell it as 4-Series in Asia/China bet they will continue to call it 3-Series there
Hasn't Audi been selling the A4 in China for about 10 years now? They don't seem to have a problem with the name of that model.
not to mention ferrari models 458, 430 etc. which is in almost every driveway in china.
Although the A4 has been selling in China for a while, the top model is not the A4. It's the A5/6 and Q5's.

I hear there are weekly Ferrari 4xx crashes every weekend in China.

Anyway, 4 is an unlucky number in Asia and people here in Hong Kong are already playing on words with the 4 series designation. Maybe the M4 will be luckier? Sounds like "not" (m) "die" (4) in Cantonese.
Mmmmmm Sì Series. Lol