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Car and Driver apparently didn't mind the 335i's steering, but they have been very critical of the 328i in this respect. In a comparison involving the usual suspects from the May 2012 issue, Tony Quiroga wrote:

"The most glaring difference between 3-series new and old is the new electric power steering's feedback. First, it's far lighter than before. That's not necessarily a bad thing. That the electric power steering doesn't offer much feedback or feel is a bad thing, though. At least it is accurate, allowing you to place the car precisely in a corner without lost motion. Our beef is that the primary communication between driver and road -- the steering -- is now pleading the Fifth. Please, BMW, remedy this fault."

Then, in the October 2012 comparison between the 328i and ATS, Jared Gall wrote: "It's just too bad Cadillac couldn't come up with a chassis like this before electric power steering exterminated road feel. While the ATS's steering proffers heavy weighting and linear buildup, we'd be lying if we said feel wasn't muffled. At least there's some; the BMW's steering is even more artificial."

Despite this, the 328i won both comparisons. But in their long term test, they have again complained about the lack of steering feedback, so their views on the matter, at least with respect to the 328i, are pretty clear.