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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Regardless if they call it 435i or 440i, it's going to have more HP. This is the easiest/best way for BMW to justify the name change and price premium over the regular 3-series sedan.
i don't get why this is just assumed. the 650 and 550i have the same horsepower and have for 2 generations

the A5 and S5 cars have the same horsepower as their sedan versions same with the C class coupes.

If they have the same ending numbers they will have the same horsepower. now if it ends up being a 440 vs 335 then i agree the 440 will have more. but if its a 435 and a 335 then then it'd make sense to assume itll either have the same HP as now, or the 2014 335i will have more hp than the 2013 version.

they don't even have to justify the price premium. they'll just release it and people will buy it anyway even if a 428 costs say $7k more than a 328i someone will buy (or more likely lease) it