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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Jesus, what a cluster frick.

I just dropped the F30 off, verified with the parts guy and the SA, I paid $1393 for all parts, here's the breakdown:
33-50-2-320-981 SUSP KIT - $1115.00 (lowest I could get them, compared to BMW partspro, which was my negotiator tool!)
33-55-6-853-47 STAB - $121.46
31-35-6-792-125 STAB - $157.36 (I guess I remembered incorrectly with the prices here).

Those are the part #'s from the catalog, verify with your parts guy...and if you paid substantially less than me, than, maybe they separated out the kit? If you paid about what I paid, then I'm flippin' confused, because BOTH the parts guy AND the SA verified the Springs are on the Struts.

(unless they lied to me...) I'll find out, because the springs are red or yellow, right?

Unless someone hijacked them from my kit. but it was sealed, and I got it directly from BMW.. I paid close to what you paid, yes. I'm going to take pics of the kit to show you. There definitely are no springs.

no springs on the struts

that's all that is in the kit. I've also verified with my friend who works for BMW Corporate that springs are not listed in the parts. He's verifying further tomorrow as well.

I would triple check with your dealer. have him send you pics of the box. I'm not sure springs would even fit in the box the way the struts are packed together.

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