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Originally Posted by Completenewb View Post

Is a decent amount of turbo lag for the N20/N26 normal? It's hard for me to tell how substantial it is as I have never owned a turbo engine before. The only reason I am concerned is because I have read a bunch of articles that say there's no turbo lag with these engines. All of this assuming, of course that what I am experiencing is turbo lag. It feels like it takes a little less than a half a second to get going.
Does it feel the same in all driver modes ie: comfort, eco, sport?

The modes also control throttle response.
Comfort is ok, sport is very responsive and very nice.
Eco is awful. You give it throttle but it accelerates slowly as it's designed to help you save fuel. I HATE eco mode it zaps all feeling of driving a "sport" sedan.

Try sport mode and see how it feels.
Barring that being the issue, if you have a loose connection in the intake plumbing it will feel like lag as you're loosing boost.
These engines have very very little turbo lag, you shouldn't feel any lag really.
Again, if you're in eco mode acceleration will suck big time, and you'll be pushing the throttle deeper than you think you should just to get something close to "acceleration". I don't use eco at all.