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I picked my "on-demand" car up yesterday. 328i sport line, red on black. 12 miles on the odometer! The SA told me that I was literally the first person to drive this car. Since BMW FS has dedicated a specific fleet of f30's for this promotion, it makes me think that this program has not been that popular. I wonder.


I'm coming from an e90 330i 6 speed, sport. I'm hoping to upgrade to a f30 335xi. I wanted to get a better feel for the new f30, both inside AND out, iDrive, check out the electronic steering, see if I would like the new 8 speed auto, and a bunch of other stuff. So, they gave me an f30 328i 8 speed auto, sport.

My initial thoughts ... why do I need a 335i again? This 328i is an incredible car all around. I am truly impressed. Much upgraded interior, feels great on the road, very responsive and a good deal faster than my 330i. I'm truly confused.

So far my main reservations on the 328i, which would make me stick to the 335i are:
  • Brakes are noticeably weaker than my 7 year old 330i. 335i will have bigger, improved brakes.
  • The 4 cylinder engine does not sound nice at all. (performance exhaust will fix that)
  • The n20 is also not a well balanced engine. The whole care rocks back and forth a little bit when you rev it up, while parked.
  • The n20 is awesome, but still feels like it's overworked. When pressed hard, it feels like it's about to pop a vein or something.
  • The 335i is still a "cooler" car. Yes, I'm very immature like that.
  • The 335i has dual exhaust pipes. Yup.

Anyone have anything more substantial to make the 335i worth it?
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