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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
In all honesty Leatherette is actually pretty nice.The average person would never know it wasn't real leather if you didn't tell them. People have this idea of vinyl in cars from the 80's when they hear "fake " leather, but its light years ahead of anything like that.
i honestly prefer leatherette. holds up a lot better and doesnt look all stretched out in a year. theres nothing wrong with synthetic cloths.. i mean its not like vinyl lawn furniture or something. alcantera i'd love to have and its synthetic.

anyway most entry level luxury / premium cars leather isn't really worth it anyway. its not napa , merino or novillo or something nice like available on a 5 series and up or an m3.

the bmw dakota is super thick and hard and not soft or well what i'd consider luxury feeling. it just happens to be made of an animal. my dad has had dakota in his 2004 X3 and it does hold up well, but if you are going to sit on something not soft might as well sit on leatherette. i think most people getting into new luxury cars just think "well it has to have leather to be luxury" so they buy it. sort of like how a high end camry XLE or somethign has "leather" since its either cloth or cheap leather.