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Originally Posted by Messer-schmitt View Post
I noticed that your "armed" light flashes under the mirror upon locking the vehicle. I don't think mine does. Is that part of your premium package? Also, since getting the dealer to permanently disable the A.S.S., i've noticed two things:

1. It doesn't matter weather the A.S.S. button is lit or not. It does not activate at all after this modification.
2. All of my exterior door lights illuminate when putting the vehicle in reverse.

Just thought i'd add my $.02 to the discussion. Ha!
We don't have "Premium Package" here in the UK.

But, if you're referring to the alarm system, it is fitted as standard on all BMW models at no extra cost.
My 2006 520d, 2009 330d and 2012 328i have all exhibited this behaviour upon locking.
Every BMW I've seen does the same.
If the car alarm has been activated or tampered, the light will flash rapidly upon vehicle entrance. An iDrive message may be displayed but I'm not sure - haven't set it off in my 328i.

Can't help you with your ASS , but you should still be able to activate it.
Interesting on the exterior lights in reverse. I haven't noticed this but I shall take note next time I hit R in the dark. May not be applicable here in the UK for law differences.

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