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Quick Review of 328i Lux/touring

Just a few words on this car as I have driven it for over 2000 miles now and it's due for retun Saturday when I pick up mine.
Economy has fallen due to cold weather and 75/80 MPH driving style.
It's now stuck @ 33MPG.This is all out of town driving and few stops.
The car has STD suspension which has been more than adequate in every day driving. The car is fairly stable on the corners but does lean slightly if enthusiasm is being used.
Seats are STD but Heated, therefore NO side bolster adjustments and no lumber, I miss both options but the seats are still comfortable in every day use.
Steering: is OK, and quite well weighted, straight line driving is trouble free and stable.
NOISE: The car is QUIET it does not suffer wind noise as such and I have taken it to 100MPH to check it, tyre noise is MINIMAL it has contisport 18" rims, IMHO the car is very acceptable noise wise and I am critical when it comes to interference/nuisance noise.
The cabin is rattle free and the pro-nav works well and is very quick in menu changing, one nice touch is if there are delays on your navigated route ; the delay time will be displayed in the bottom destination box in minutes.
Space is much improved and the car feels like the size of the old 5 series, boot space is good.
I like the split opening boot, being able to open the rear window only is a great if not older idea.
Performance; It is smooth and free running.
The car will go and go well when stretched rev wise, it's linear rather than push in the back, noise is kept to a minimum when the revs are high, but IMO the car likes to cruise rather than be pushed, and in this roll it's great.
The economy drops fast when pushing this car along.
I have grown to like this car and I am sure so many of you will just love it.
I hope this will help some make a choice but ultimately a LONG test drive is required before making any decisions.
Live for now, life is too short.
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