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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post

And obviously, I have sooo much money I can buy, not lease, a 328i here in Sweden packed with the things I want and drive it AS MUCH as I want. No giving it up in 3 years, thatīs how wealthy I am that I can just enjoy it for as long as I want and see those Benjamins fly away...
Leasing costs more than buying.

It's not like it the end of three years we give up our cars and stop driving. We go get another lease. So in a 12 year span, I will have leased four cars at a monthly payment averaging $550.

And in that same 12 year span, you will have purchased two cars and a monthly payment averaging $650 but you will of had 4 whole years where you made no payments at all not to mention the residual value on the first car you traded in for the second one.

People who buy cars keep them for a long time, have a span of several years where they make no payments at all, and count on their value at the time of trade-in.

People who lease cars understand that they are locked in at a high monthly payment indefinitely and never have to worry about trade-ins or the few dollars we would save by driving old cars.

I hope this clarifies things for you.