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Originally Posted by Jackson743 View Post
The most obnoxious American here drives, and leases, a 328i. I bought a 335i because I want more horsepower. When did more HP become something to criticize?
The 328i is so powerful and balanced that it makes it look foolish to add even more power to it.

9/10ths of a second? A better fart from the exhaust pipes? Better acceleration from 90 MPH to 120 MPH when we live in a country with 65 MPH speed limits and spend most of our time driving at 28 MPH on residential roads?

I live in Bergen County New Jersey, the BMW 3 Series capital of the world. 90% of the 335i's I see on the roads every day are driven by 50 year old women. We're making a big deal out of nothing here.