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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Car has 1/4 tank of fuel. That's enough to be a powerful bomb (especially mixed with air). If interior delivery/fire regs were a concern, the car would have a tiny bit of fuel.

Surely the Welt was built with plenty of fire suppression, ventilation and smoke evac to meet standards.

Do they fuel fill the cars when you exit the bldg? Or, do ED buyers get to pay $7/gallon for fuel for their new car?
I was lucky if I paid $7/gallon. It was usually 1.70Euro(sometimes more) per liter ends up 2.21USD per liter, and it is 3.78 liters to gallon. so $8.35 per gallon. I paid 100 Euros for a tank of gas, almost $130!
And I was definitely disappointed the $50000 335i did not come with a full tank, fire risk is the excuse, because a half empty tank(fuel vapor+oxygen) is more at risk of an explosion than a completely full one.

My car had exactly 1.0 miles on it when I picked her up and 2338.8 when I dropped her off. Topeka is in Port Hueneme today so I should know in a couple weeks how many miles the shipping process added. If it is more than 5-10 I am yelling at the dealership.