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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
You see, this is where you are unique in the world. I don't know a single wealthy person who owns a BMW 3 series. 7 series, S Class, Range Rover, Porsche, yeah. But not a 3 series. The point is that wealthy people don't buy $50k cars to impress people. Wannabee wealthy people who can't afford a proper car buy a 3 series to try to fit in maybe but you're a looooong way from luxury and showing off territory in a 3 series. Your average sales rep drives a 3 series. More people drive them than drive Mondeos now. It's just not a status symbol. It's a "nearly made it" symbol at best
We're not talking about what you deem to be "wealthy" or myself either, for that matter. Sounds like you and I have a net worth in the multi-millions, live in exclusive neighborhoods, have wealthy friends.

I'm talking about the people who make $100,000 USD+ a year. That can be a young person with a good job in a big city or an older person with a good job in a lesser community. In the US, the average household income is $49,000 USD a year. Those people cannot afford a $600 monthly payment on a car. Their average mortgage payment is near that amount.

I live 20 minutes from Manhattan in a 3,000 square foot $1.5M USD home. Perhaps you live in London with a $1.5M USD flat. When you and I refer to "people trying to look wealthy in a 3 Series" we're not judging them by our experience; we're judging them by theirs.

As for myself, I drive a 3 Series because it's the least expensive way I can drive a safe, fun car that's socially acceptable by the wealthy crowd I run with. They drive $140,000 CLS' and I drive a $50,000 328i. They view me as smart and financially responsible, not flashy.