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Originally Posted by jbbrann View Post
BJ, what are the cons of the 335i? It doesn't seem like handling is a priority to you, and that's the only argument I could personally make for getting a 328i instead. If you see the 3 series as a status symbol (which I, like several others who have posted, think is a little laughable), why not be a little more status-y and get the badge with a bigger number? The extra few grand it costs is just chump change, after all, right?
The target audience of humiliation is an average person in an average neighborhood driving an average car and making an average of $49,000 a year.

Those people don't know the difference between a 335i and a 328i so there's no increase in status for having it.

And if we wanted to impress those making $250,000 a year and up, the 3 Series isn't the car for that. I drive mine because it's practical and the bare minimum necessary to keep up with my $700,000 a year crowd; to them, I'm driving a very nice Camry. I've got better places to put my money than into a car, but I can't be seen in a Toyota.