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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
Oh please, stop acting so pedestrian just to make the Brits think you're a "good guy".

You live in upstate New York. We cityfolk look down upon you as much as we look down upon the British.

I just didn't want another forum member even thinking I had anything in common with you, since you seem to try to speak for all American BMW owners. Look down on me all you want , thats what you seem to do with everyone. Because I choose to have a home and a business in upstate doesn't mean thats the only residence I have. Once again you assume. I pity you being stuck in Manhattan adjacent

The 328i is so powerful and balanced that it makes it look foolish to add even more power to it.


So wait BJ I thought you were an "elitist" and you hated people that talked about how the car handles and its power and balance, labeling them "Faux-Enthusiasts" ,,,especially if they drove anything more then a 328 so which are you now?? a Faux-Elitist"???