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Why are dealers so difficult?

I went to have my 335 serviced tonight because I'm at 15k already and I am putting the car into storage next week... I don't want to have to leave it for 4 to 5 months with old oil in it and I wanted it prepped for storage...

The computer says I can drive the car another 2400 miles before I need new oil, mind you I've added 3 quarts since picking it up, so the dealer won't do the service... I have the service reminder to bring it in on my dash when I start the car but that's not enough... I said just count this as my once a year but that doesn't matter... I told the guy I was storing it and his response "it's not that bad to leave it with old oil in it, I mean its a lease so it doesn't matter", I know it's not that bad but I'm very particular with my cars and its in the best interest of BMW to let me do that so my question is who do I call?

Thanks for the suggestions!
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