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i dont think the 335 is any more a status symbol than the 328.

honestly even the m3 is not much more of a status symbol. i mean logically if you wanted to show your status , you'd be showing it to everyone around you . the only people who really think a 335 is higher status than a 328 socially is well other BMW enthusiasts. same with the m3.

i think honestly most regular people see the m3 as like a riced out regular 3 series (especially in LA where you can't even really drive very fast most of the time).

i'm not saying the m3 is a bad car, but getting one for the status generally is just stupid. if it were all about status you'd get a 5 or a 740 or something (i think you could just barely get a 740 for the cost of an m3..)

i mean a 335i is faster than 328i. and a m3 is faster than both. but for status purposes 95% cant tell the difference. so if its just about status you are just pissing on other BMW owners.

we actually had a debate about this at work. and the guy who is my boss by like 3 levels (boss' boss' boss) said it best. he said something along the lines of, i know an M3 is a great car, but a 911 also drives well and they cost close enough in price that if you get the 911 you get a great driving car AND a car that is obviously in another class, instead of a car which is really a hugely modified version of a car that every housewife in LA drives. (his other point was that he thought people who bought GT-Rs in LA that dont track the car are stupid since you'd also be better off with the 911 given the whole, well its still a nissan status issue)

and he had a good point, if the status was an important factor in your car choice, well you'd skip every higher spec version of any car and just get the next car that obviously was in another body style.

so i suppose my conclusion is the 335i is for people who want uh... a 328i that is faster that has a bigger engine that sounds different. or people who want to look down at fellow bmw owners since those are the only people who might even care.....

i did know a guy who bought a C350 because my friend had a C300 and he liked the C300. and we knew he got it because it was "the bigger number" and my other friend with the C300 was like... well yes i know his car is faster, but i honestly don't care plus i have this pile of money left over. but most people just saw them as 2 guys with entry level C classes other than us car guys. C350 guy was a moron douchebag

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