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Originally Posted by sr5959 View Post
Hi everyone. I have RWD 328i, and my question is this:

I live in Seattle where we get about 7-10 days a year with light snow, sometimes a little ice. Do you think I will need snow tires or can the RWD with All-Seasons handle this small amount of snow?

I've lived here many years but always had AWD SUVs before so I am not sure.

Here in Mass, we have the concept of a "wintah beetah," an old car with a bent frame that drives down the road at an angle. The best way to avoid having your F30 side-swiped by the wingnuts driving their beetahs in winter weather is to leave your car at home.

Seriously, the question is do you have drive at all on the few days/hours where you really need winter tires? If you need an all-terrain vehicle to get around Seattle on a given day, that's a good day to stay indoors.
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