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Originally Posted by Tra08R View Post
same situation as yourself. I test drove the 328i and 320d back to back. I ended up getting the 320d. Absolutely no regrets...if only the 328i didnt sound like a diesel on idle, then it would have been the 328i. But I could justify $6k more for what..35 hp more but 30N less torque
When first looking at the 3 series I was tossing up between the two as well,
ended up working out by the time I optioned up the 320d to match the 328i it was really on par cost wise, and mostly it came down to what engine you preferred driving. I don't think one is better then the other, and it all comes down to personal preference, and your driving routine, and whether you want any of the below options (which for me all apart from exterior anti dazzle were important)

Sport line on 320d was $3152 + $1000 for 18" inch wheels, 328i was $1538
Exterior anti dazzle mirrors $615 for 320d
Lumbar support $492 for 320d
Navigation (business) $1538 for 320d (and if you upgrade to Pro, they include this cost as well ie cheaper to upgrade to Pro on the 328i)
HiFi loudspeaker system $1000 for 320d
(fyi total of around $6259 in difference).