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Originally Posted by cvandenhaute View Post
You are very brave (or unconscious) to go to Paris with your brand new car. As far I am concerned Paris = Hell if you love your car. One of the last experience I had there was renting a brand new car at the train station (the car had only 11 km on the odo), pulling out of the parking lot and being immediately hit by a scooter. Next day I had a guy with a BMW GS mortorcycle falling on the car, poor car was only 2 days!!! Sorry about the bad experience for the broken windows, that is so common in Paris or Brussels. I love the piece of mind I have since I live in the US!!!
Its ok full coverage insurance gave me piece of mind no big deal but yeah Paris = super sketchy

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Fantastic post, thanks for sharing.

Nice to see other asian dudes from the NW driving BMWs in Europe (I'm from Kirkland).
Come to a meet sometime when we have another one. Just check up on it on Bimmerpost facebook

Originally Posted by kgroschi View Post
Actually we do have customs. They are just not out working all the time and they dont't check everyone
Nice car!
lol thats good to know i thought Germany just didnt care. That makes me feel alot better about the visit...

Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I doubt you guys got too drunk on this beer considering it is non-alcoholic.

I want a refund totally ruined my memory of my ED now lol jk

Originally Posted by MMOTION View Post
Epic "Euro-trip" delivery! = Sorry to hear about the break-in in Paris, it's my #1 place to visit in Europe and a beautiful city.

Thanks for sharing, this is one of my fav's to date!
I always had a thing for show n tell since pre-school hahaha youre welcome.

Originally Posted by Ka razy View Post
Congrats and thanks for sharing. Great pic's... The spoof from the hangover was Great! So the one pic... DNA Spray? WTF??
Three Wolf Moon shirt FTW, and i still have no idea what DNA spray is...
Finally Famous!