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Originally Posted by DJEngineer View Post
Love the 2 Chainz reference.

Great pics and sounds like a solid time. Truuuu!!!
If only they had the f30 as a convertible so I could ride round with my top down. titty-boy

Originally Posted by USE Z4S View Post
Congrats, awesome pics, etc. etc.

This is the only place where people will congratulate you on your "ED", btw.

I guess your new car is the Viagra.
hahaha sorry i'm dumb I dont get your reference.

Originally Posted by RandyN View Post
Other than me getting my bag stolen. Trip was a lot of fun!!! Great review Justin!
Thanks dude your pics really helped out.

Originally Posted by atown88 View Post
In celebration of the legalization of Gay Marriage in Washington, I'm glad your guys' couples retreat went well! Can't wait to see the rides at HQ for the good ol, "Let atown drive our cars so he can feel bad about his own"
hahaha I was a fifth wheel but yes a test drive once the car gets here forsure.
Ben just been hatin super hard ... jerk

Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
BEST ED THREAD EVER! I had a good laugh throughout the thread, thanks for sharing!!
I'm just a witty guy what can I say hahaha just trying to contribute to the BMW community. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

Originally Posted by trinipirate View Post
great thread and pictures. sucks about them breaking into your car. europe would be great to visit and travel. but i'd be scared as hell having the responsibility of my brand new bmw in foreign countries.
Full coverage insurance complimentary of ED so not to big of a deal. The stress level definitely isn't for everyone they drive way to crazy on those round abouts but after that I feel like I can drive a car just about anywhere in America now lol.
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