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Originally Posted by Gareth View Post
I get the three profiles plus a guest - intact I have mine set-up.... just not import/export options!
Hmm, what's weird is that you had the import/export option initially but now it's gone. I'm assuming that all F30/31's should have this option, but it's hard to say what may have caused them to disappear. You'd know if the car had been re-coded or if you'd done a software update.

Mine lets you export settings whether or not they've changed since the last export, so it's not altered settings that triggers those options, they should always be there. Have you tried the US forums, there's a few more people there so perhaps more thoughts as to the cause. Other than that, afraid it sounds like a call to the dealer

Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
I use the seat memory for this, not sure if it affects any other setting though, but the wife rarely drives my cars.
Think the seat memory only adjusts the seat position (annoyingly the lumbar support adjustment isn't stored in memory/profiles). I have to let her borrow the car whenever she wants as technically it's her car (something to do with it being her money!) Fortunately that's not too often though as she has her own 'fleet', although... she does say she prefers the 328i to her S5, and I'd have to agree.
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