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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Guys, don't forget many of us waiting for cars now, ordered when production of the F30 wasn't at full speed. Cars sales are down something like 10% overall, so is possible the factory can cope with a shorter lead time.

However, even if they can't deliver by end December:

a.) The 3.9% apr deal may well be extended (already has been from 3/4 quarter)
b.) Dealer might be able to swing the deal to compensate for a higher apr if this happens.

Either way you'll still highly likely get your cars for the amount agreed upon.
That sounds encouraging, thanks Fingers crossed I suppose, this is my 4th BMW - and the first car I'll ever own that isn't a 3-door or a coupe - but even though I've got it partly for practicality/family reasons, I'm excited about it the most! I think perhaps because it's completely brand new (F30) just a couple of months into production, will be so different from my other cars, and all the new tech in it