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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
Point is we'd be much better off if the car companies would deduct the built-in $$ and have us pay our own maintenance. I like the manager of the service department to know I won't be coming back if they don't deliver excellence.
In the UK we have to pay for a service contract. Same service schedule whether we pay up front, or pay as we go. Additional work, like more frequent oil service would be at our cost, which ever way we opt to go.

Personally can't see the issue, if for some reason we want interim services then we would need to pay, surely that is the way it should work. BMW will cover warranty on CBS schedule, so it would be our decision to opt for more servicing.

BTW, we work with mileage on CBS or 2-years for an oil service in Europe. Seems your US service schedule is in some way related to the US view that oil needs changing so frequently. We generally left that behind years ago when oil quality improved.