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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Nice review. Concurs with my feelings that I experienced during a test drive. Eco Pro is only useful for pure stop-and-go traffic. Yes, the E90 is more of a raw experience, but the AH3 is fun when pushed.

Your mileage seems good. I'm personally hoping for 30-32mpg in city driving. Much of my commute is bumper to bumper traffic. Not many cars (that you'd want to drive) can get 30mpg in the city. Sometimes I sit without moving for 3-5 minutes in traffic. Idling a normal car for this long seems extraordinarily wasteful to me. Yes, I know all F30s have A.S.S., but I'm sure the AH3 handle this better than a normal F30, especially considering the 105F days we get here in Texas. It is so hot in the summer, the A.S.S. in my M3 would rarely come on, due to the cooling demands of the A/C.

I'm sure your AH3 will fare better since the AC compressor is electric. That said, I wonder how long in stop and go traffic the batteries can keep the compressor running. You'll have very little recharge time between stops and go's.

And, as the batteries age (decay) how long will the charge last...