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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
I'm sure your AH3 will fare better since the AC compressor is electric. That said, I wonder how long in stop and go traffic the batteries can keep the compressor running. You'll have very little recharge time between stops and go's.

And, as the batteries age (decay) how long will the charge last...
I will surely give a full report for its behavior during a hour's worth of stop-and-go!

Yes, the batteries will age over the years, and ultimately hold less charge. I've seen unofficially where the batteries have a lifetime warranty. I'm checking with BMW NA right now to confirm. I honestly doubt I'll keep the car more than 4 years, which should have minimal impact on battery performance for that age.

Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
I think this is the biggest you really want to be hanging out at Truck stops?
Hey, we have some of the most incredible truck stops here in Texas!

Interstate highway trips are of course no problem for finding diesel, it's the grocery store or corner-gas stations that rarely have it. Which is where most people fill up.
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