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Originally Posted by 1.fresh.f30.335 View Post
I should have prefaced this whole story by saying I've worked for Audi/Porsche, Honda, etc. so I know all about the bs rules of service depts...

Thanks for all the feedback, though some of you missed the points I was trying to make. I was trying to get across how BMW na needs to make it once a year so there is some wiggle room for instances such as this: spring purchase, fall storage w/oil change and prep, drive spring and summer and the. Oil change in fall...

I also was trying to point out that BMW is shooting itself in the foot by not letting me do the most for their vehicle... I'm also not convinced I won't buy the car out either, I love it, that's why I want to take care of it, plus I have a jeep for the winter.

Lastly, I wanted to note that a BMW service employee should never be advising customers not to care if it is a lease. That just creates problems in the long run for the dealer and customers
We get it.

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