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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Yes, I'm sure the lifetime warranty makes mention of decay. I'm trying to get the exact verbiage. I saw that about A123, it's been getting a good bit of press.

Some of the things that would prevent an AH3 from being a "common sense" choice would be:

A) You plan on keeping the car 10+ years
B) Your negotiated price delta over a 335i is >$2K USD. With current promotions, it's only a $3K increase (officially). Seems like virtually all dealers would be more eager to give you an aggressive price on the AH3 vs a 335i/330d/335d, due to popularity of the petrol/diesel models vs. a "new" tech hybrid.
In 5 years the battery will very likely need replacing. I'm curious as to $, but if I had to shoot in the dark I'll guess $2K.

Lease is perfect for this car. Purchase and out of warranty owning could be risky.