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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Where do you come up with this 5 years number? And if it's under a lifetime warranty, does it even matter? I don't see/hear/read about many Prius owners needing new batteries after 5 years. Honda/Toyota/Chevy each warranty for 8 years, so they couldn't be too concerned about it crapping out after only 5.

I do agree that anything after 10 years is probably pushing it. But how many people around here keep their cars 10 years? I may only keep this 3-4, but leasing isn't as flexible, and has more financing costs associated with it.
You're correct. But are those Prius batteries Made in China? The Japanese are kings at LiOn battery technology.

Kidding, just giving you a little grief as you wait for your new baby to come from China....I mean Germany.