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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Yes, but those CAFD's are from 47.1, but is the problem that your car has 47.1 on it, or is it that your car has something newer than 47.5 on it?

What are your exact E-Sys "Missing CAFD [CO12]" error messages?
Thank you fro asking back!

My car was produced in Sept 2012 (MY13) and it is 47.5. However, I can not code some very simple features like e.g., HUD turn signals (even if I set the right values) and someone mentioned, that the reason for that could be these six missing files which where included in v47.1 and are missing for some reasons in 47.5.

I do not get any error messages while connecting with esys 3.18.4 to the car, and other features like automatic high beam control work very fine.

Thank you!