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F-ed up my M5 reps...AGAIN

Here's a story for you. So, in a previous thread, I described how I bent my front right wheel on a monster pothole (M5 rep) in this thread:

Well, I kept driving on the wheels with the intention of swapping the M5 reps out for my original wheels with some Blizzaks this weekend. In the meantime I didn't seem to to notice any significant vibrations up front. I did however start to notice a vibration that I could feel in the seat at speeds of 70+MPH (didn't feel it through the steering wheel) so I started to suspect that maybe I had a bent or off-balance wheel in the rear as well. It started to bug me every time I drove on the highway, but I always wondered if it was just my imagination and I was feeling road bumps/imperfections with the stiffer suspension (H&R sports).

Here's where it get's interesting: Last night, I diverted from my usual route home from the cleaners to stop at an ATM. In order to get back on the usual route after hitting up the bank ATM, I found myself turning left at an unfamiliar intersection, under construction, in the dark, running late for a dinner reservation, in a bit of a rush. I pulled out to turn left onto the main road and right at the last split second I realized I took the turn too tight and was about to go up over the divider curb. (photo below, path in RED..I SHOULD have taken the green path, blue arrow is my usual route) UGH...It seemed to feel like it took me 30 seconds to go up and over....and the tires slammed into the curb and I felt like I FLEW over the f-ing thing. I'm guessing I was probably going 20ish MPH This is a 50 MPH zone and nowhere to pull over, so I had to keep driving. I didn't notice anything amiss at first, so I just kept driving home. But when the adrenaline wore off, I could pay a bit closer attention, and there was a definite vibration/shimmy to the car. Again, I didn't feel much through the steering wheel, just in the seat (butt/back) but this time it was much more pronounced, and at almost any speed. I clearly screwed up one or all of the wheels. I was worried that the impact could have damaged suspension components (like a control arm). I woke up early to swap the wheels out with my originals before work today, and get underneath in the light to inspect the components and didn't notice anything -- only visible damage I could see was a scrape underneath the front airdam on the driver's side and the rear passengar side plastic jack point was chewed up a bit. After I took a spin with the OEM wheels/tires, all vibrations/shimmy, etc. seemed to disappear. What a bummer -- 17 years of driving, and quite a few cars with aftermarket wheels and suspensions, I've never made such a stupid mistake, and I've never even curbed a wheel, let alone bent one -- now, in less than a month's time, it appears I may have ruined an entire set! So frustrating.

Does anyone have experience with the shops that claim to fix bent rims? The local one I know of charges $100 per that price I wonder if I might as well just buy new rims (the M5 reps are cheap, at $800 a set plus shipping).

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