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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Welt is built to hold cars and interior deliveries. BMW knows it, building officials, engineers, etc. know it. The bldg should be designed like its a parking garage.

Parking garages are not filled with occupants? How do those cars get in and out of the structure?

When it comes to public fire/life safety, 1 life is as big a deal as 20. At least thats the way it is in the US.
Actually, in the US, life safety isn't nearly as important as you'd imagine believe it or not. Property protection is a much higher priority. It costs insurance carriers far more to rebuild a building than it does to payoff the next of kin of the souls lost. Sad but true.

Parking garages are not filled with occupants. People don't hang out or linger in parking garages. They have transient occupany. It doesn't really matter how the building was built. It's all about how it's used.