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The real reason for A.S.S I think its for emissions. I personally told the dealer to re-program it and use it once in awhile...You really dont save much money in the long run, but it is the future in car technology...

I've driven a activehybrid 3 and the A.S.S system is 10000X better. Why?? because it uses a Starter/Generator so when the vehicle re-starts you dont get that rough start up. It pretty much uses the Generator that is driven by the crankshaft and turns the engine over. You barely feel it start up. Im pretty sure that system will work its way up to newer cars. Whats really amazing about the gen 2 activehybrids is that chances of being stuck from a bad starter is slim. There are 3 starters in that car. 1 is your conventional starter, 2 is your starter/generator and 3rd is the E-machine motor/starter...

I know im off topic.. but just FYI for whoever is thinking about getting a Activehybrid....