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Built in May 2012. Assembled in Munich!

To be honest I really don't think the plant your car was assembled in makes any difference to the overall quality. Ultimately all BMW factories will adhere to the same guidelines and quality control processes.
Sure, I have to admit I do like the fact that my car was built in Munich but its more a notion of sentimentality, than I think it is some how 'better' than cars built else where.

Yes people have said they have had cars arrive with faults and they think this is down to which plant the car was assembled in. But in reality these faults are simply errors that could happen in any other plant.
One might be pleased their car was built in the same plant as the M cars are, and therefor think a higher level of attention was paid to its assembly. However M cars arriving with problems is not completely unheard of is it? Demonstrating that mistakes can happen even in the supposedly 'superior' plants.

The bottom line is that we all love our BMW's! I certainly love my F30!
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