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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
From a sound quality point of view, absolutely NOT!!! I am very disappointed with DAB+ quality. It lacks any real dynamic range, sounds harsh and does not take advantage of its technology. Frequency response leave a lot to be desired.
Of course, I am only putting forward my experience with DAB from listening to it in the car.

We have a small DAB unit at home and it is too small to gauge proper quality from.

Anyway, yes, DAB has lots of channels to choose from, so if you like variety, the DAB is good value. If you like music without idiot announcers talking rubbish with each other, then some DAB channels are for you (me).

Nova Nation is pretty much 99% music WITHOUT chatter. Great for music. Bird radio is great for 5 seconds and Chemist Warehouse has easy listening music with ads for……I will let you guess.

So it does work for some like me, as long as you know its limitations. And no, you won't impress your friends as no one will know the difference between DAB & FM for sound quality. Probably yes to DAB & AM but the AM stations are on DAB anyway.

I guess I'm not an audio buff but I find it quite clear and crisp. I like the variety and no ads, so its a winner for me, but if I had to limit the options I was choosing due to $$ it would probably be one of the first to go.