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Originally Posted by shivaswrath
Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
i'm setup factory spec: 32 F / 38 R

Haven't broken them in yet though...I'll give it a few hundred miles...
Was a little better this afternoon...Maybe the rubber isn't broken in yet?
I just put my winter set up on last week. Nokian wr g2 non rft on staggered 18" M sport 400m wheels. First 100 miles or so the car was a bit swirly especially when temp was above 45 F. I never got DSC but the wr g2 are a V rated winter tire so that's probably why. Give em a week or so scrub in and see if there's any change. I've never had good experiences with drivability on dedicated winter tires on a performance sedan. I always try to lean towards performance winters and the nokians have been awesome so far.